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Timber acoustic panels for ceilings and walls

The Groove timber acoustic panel range provides high performance, sound absorbing surfaces with extensive finish options including real wood veneers, HPL timber effect, and HPL solid colours. The distance between the grooves changes for different models, with smaller spacings generally increasing acoustic performance.

We provide extensive design and acoustic support, so the panels can be well integrated in to the space with all ancillary items matched to provide continuity.

Drawings and samples will be provided on request

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Timber acoustic wall panels

How the panels absorb sound

As well as the slits in the face, Groove panels have cut-outs to the rear or the centre which meet with the slits in the front, creating perforations. These perforations, combined with a cavity behind the panel create resonance, due to the air in the cavity which acts like a spring. In combination with damping provided by mineral fibre in the cavity, sound energy is reduced. This is know as a Helmholtz absorber.
Changing the perforation pattern (in this case by selecting the width between the slits) alters the acoustic performance. Differences in the cavity depth and absorbent material in the void also have consequences.

Acoustic performance

Example for Groove R

sound absorption

With 70mm cavity including 50mm 40kg mineral fibre.
αW = 0.65 LMH (class C)

With 20mm cavity including 20mm Polyester wool.
αW = 0.65 M (class C)

Cupboard door with 500mm cavity (simulated filled).
αW = 0.55 (class D)


Face finishes

Veneer with clear lacquer

Veneer with clear lacquer

- Typically 10% sheen
- Fire performance available
- Timber finishes page

Veneer with tinted oil

Veneer with coloured oil

- Typically 10% sheen
- Many colours available
- Fire performance available
- Timber finishes page

Timber effect HPL

Timber effect HPL

- Hundreds of finishes
- Scratch resistant
- UV resistant
- Range of textures available
- Fire performance available
- Timber finishes page

HPL colours

HPL colours

- Hundreds of finishes including RAL match
- Scratch resistant
- UV resistant
- Range of textures available
- Fire performance available
- Timber finishes page


Design options

Ancillary items

Ancillary items

- Flexible panels
- Skirting
- Matching internal door covers
- Finish matching
- Plain panels with matching finish
- Hardwood corners

Perforated Ply

Design support

Our design team can guide you through the specification process to ensure a seamlessly integrated end result.
Groove panels are cut on site so full shop drawings aren't required, but detailing advise is recommended.

Panel options

Groove 12 Groove 12 acoustic panels - 3mm slot width, 13mm slat width

Groove 5-H

Groove 5-H acoustic panels

- 3mm slot width, 5mm slat width

Groove R

Groove R acoustic panels

- 3mm slot width, random slat width

Groove 24

Groove 24 acoustic panels

- 3mm slot width, 29mm slat width

Groove 24-W

Groove 24-W acoustic panels

- 8.5mm slot width, 23.5mm slat width


FSC® certified materials available. (FSC® - C163652)

Fire performance

When specified Class O (Euro Class B) components are used.


Project examples

Our Groove acoustic panels can be found in education facilities, offices, hotels, civic centres, and heritage sites.

Notable references

- University of Bath
- Boston Consulting Group, London
- De Beers, London
- Diageo HQ, London
- University of Bath
- Lotus Customer Experience Centre
- AMP Capital, London
- Investec, London
- Newcastle University
- DLA Piper, London
- Microsoft, Lagos


wall installation detail

Acoustic cupboard doors

As well as ceiling and wall panels. we also provide made to measure acoustic cupboards, sliding doors, and folding partitions. Not visible externally, the core of the panels have reinforced core boards which create rigid frames and allow for many types of hinges and handles.

- Acoustic doors guidepdf


wall installation detail

Wall installation detail 2


Wall panel installation

Groove acoustic panels are typically installed on to battens in a simple tongue and Groove fashion to create a seamless finish. The cavity should include a sound absorbing mineral fibre or foam which will increase the acoustic performance. Panels can be mounted either with the Grooves running horizontally or vertically.

Left: A typical installation with panels mounted on 50mm softwood battens, black tissue to the rear of the panels and 50mm of mineral fibre in the cavity.

Suspended ceilings

For ceilings, the same approach can be taken and applied plywood strips which are in turn fixed to an MF system (ceilings). The planks are glued and pinned through the grooves, with mineral fibre in the cavity created to increase sound absorption. Fibre migration is controlled with an acoustically transparent black fleece integrated with panels.


Q.  Are you able to provide typical details and specification guidance for your systems?

A.   Sure. Contact us and our designers can look in to your requirements.

Q.  How do we match finishes across the project?

A.   For HPL finishes in solid colour, We can provide references for joiners to order sheets. Edge band matching is also available and we can provide RAL references.

A.   For HPL finishes in timber effect, We can provide references for joiners to order sheets. Edge band matching is also available.

A.   For veneer finishes we can provide samples for joiners to match.
On special request and with minimum orders we coordinate between joiners and veneer supplier for very precise matching across the project. Contact us for details about this.

A.   If you already have a finish selected, contact us and we can advise on the feasibility of a suitable match.

Q.  Can you also supply ancillary parts to match the timber acoustic panels?

A.  Yes. We can offer flat panelling to match the veneer of the acoustic panels, edge trims, and many other extras. You can design them yourself, too. See Bespoke section or email us for details.

Q.  What size are the cupboard doors?

A.   Made to measure with maximum 3000mm x 600mm wide. Acoustic doors guide available here.

Q.  How do I obtain a quotation?

A.  (When our product is clearly specified)

Assuming that our products have been specified on the project, we would require the specification, relevant drawings and BOQ.

A.   (Budget costs)
We might typically need to ask:
-   Which of the Groove patterns has been selected?
-   What would the quantity be?
-   Is there a specific acoustic requirement?
-   Will the finish be veneer with oil / veneer with lacquer / HPL (most cost effective)?
-   Do the panels need to be fire rated?
-   Are drawings available which show the area?
-   We will require a project reference and location.

Q.  What is the lead time?

A.  Typically 5-7 weeks from order.

Q.  Do minimum order quantities apply?

A.  Typically around 30m2

Q.  Where as a main contractor do we buy the products from?

A.  Either from us to install yourselves, an approved installer, or through the package of your designated installers.

Q.  Are the panels demountable?

A.   When installed to an MF system the panels are fixed in place. It is possible to introduce access panels and we can provide details on request.

Q.  Which panels are most recommended for ceiling applications?

A.   Groove 24-W, has wider grooves which allows for a simplified installation with black screws rather than brad nails and adhesive.

Q.  How do we address light fittings and services?

A.   The panels are cut on site so this should not be too difficult. We do recommend that services are not fully supported by the panels, but with the weight taken by the MF system.

Q.  Do you provide installation services or have recommended installers?

A.   We do not install ourselves. We can suggest approved installers or provide installation guides to your designated installers.

Q.  Can you provide method statements/fixing details?

A.   Sure. Contact us for details.

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