Acoustic Plaster and Spray Seamless Ceilings

Acoustic ceiling finishes which control noise and look fantastic.

Our seamless acoustic plaster and spray ceilings offer a solution to enable designers to explore features such as open-plan layout, without installing baffles or tiles to control the reverberation problems these rooms .
We offer Acospray - sprayed applied directly to the substrate; and Acoplaster - a smooth render on an acoustic board which is fixed to the substrate. Both are available in different colours and can achieve class A sound absorption at around 35mm thickness.

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Acoustic plaster and
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Full information on colour options, acoustic performance, installations and specification.

Acoustic spray

Acoustic spray

Acoustic spray finishes, typically applied in one coat, with up to Class A sound absorption.
There are several finish options, ranging in coarseness, and any colour possible.

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Acoustic Plaster

Acoustic plaster

Smooth acoustic plaster with up to Class A sound absorption. A base board provides the absortion, with the seamless finishing coat being acoustically transparent.
Two grades are available.

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Acospray and Acoplaster can be installed to most substrates. Curved surfaces can be treated, and access hatches provided.
Acospray is a spray-only process, with Acoplaster concealing an absorbing board.