Acospray - Acoustic spray ceilings

Acoustic spray ceilings which control reverberation and enhance designs.

Acospray is a range of seamless acoustic spray systems. They can be applied to almost any surface in a single process. Sound absorption is provided which can be altered by varying the thickness, and Class is easily acheived. Acospray comes in four finishes, from coarse to smooth; and can be pigmented to any RAL colour.

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Acoustic plaster
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Information on colour options, acoustic performance, installations and specification.

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Acoustic Performance

Class A performance at 35mm thickness is typical

Test reports available for a range of thicknesses

Finish Guide

DC3 - Standard spray applied in one coat with textured finish.

DC2 - The least textured of the spray-only finishes.

DC2 2.0 - Spray applied and troweled for a flattened finish.


Can be mounted directly to concrete, gypsum, existing plaster, or corrugated ceilings.

Where the edges don't meet a wall, an L-profile is used to end the finish.



Cradle to Cradle certified products available.

Made primarily from recycled cellulose with water-based polymer binders.