Slatted timber

Slatted timber ceiling Slatted timber acoustic ceiling Slatted timber acoustic ceiling Slatted timber acoustic wall Slatted timber ceiling Slatted timber acoustic ceiling Slatted timber acoustic wall Slatted timber acoustic wall Slatted timber acoustic ceiling

Slatted timber acoustic ceilings and walls

Our slatted timber acoustic systems can complement a wide range of room types. They are used for acoustics, aesthetics, or both.

Available in acoustic and non-acoustic variants, with up to Class A absorption, these panellised systems are made to measure for the project with our design support.

Lighting and services are carefully integrated, with demountable systems providing access. All finishing details and trims are also supplied by us, to the same factory finish.


Acoustic panel7

Vertical slatted - dowels

- Type VDU: grill, Unistrut suspension.

- Type VDT: grill, T-grid (acoustic) suspension.

Acoustic panel7

Horizontal slatted - Acoustic

- Type HFU: fabric wrapped frame on Unistrut

- Type HFM: fabric wrapped frame on MF grid

- Type HCU: Crossbattens on Unistrut

- Type HCM: Crossbattens on MF grid

Acoustic panel7

Vertical slatted - Acoustic

- Type VFU: fabric wrapped frame on Unistrut

- Type VFM: fabric wrapped frame on MF grid

Acoustic panel3

Slatted walls - Acoustic

- Type F: fabric wrapped frame

- Options: Curved panels, door covers, skirting

slatted wall detail

Finish Examples

Image #1 Image #2 Image #5 Image #1 Image #1 Image #2 Image #5 Image #1

System options


FSC® certified materials available. (FSC® - C163652)
UK Manufactured.

Fire performance

When specified Class O (Euro Class B) components and finishing are used.


Solid timber provides the most authentic result but can limit some design possibilities.
Veneers enable further options and potential cost savings.

For full selection see Timber finishes.


Solutions up to Class A for ceilings and walls.

You specify slat sizes and timber type

We try to be as flexible as we can with customisation options.
Contact us before specifying to ensure an efficient and viable result.

slatted ceiling detail


Project examples

Our slatted systems can be found in education facilities, offices, train stations, football clubs, hotels, civic centres, airports and heritage sites.

Notable references

- Oxford University - Hands Building
- Falmouth University - Launchpad
- University of Leicester - Bennett
- University of Bath
- 25 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf
- EBRD, London
- Fidelis - Leadenhall Building
- Abbey Wood Train Station
- One Lyric Square, Hammersmith
- St Paul's Girl's School, Hammersmith
- Merton College, Oxford
- King's College London
- Heathrow Terminal 4
- University of Glasgow
- University of Cambridge
- Helicon Building, London
- Uxbridge High School - Orsino
- Aetna - Farnborough
- Dyson Institute, Malmesbury
- Hounslow Civic centre
- Goodwood Aerodrome
- NIA - Academy
- South Lodge Hotel, Horsham
- The Langley, Buckinghamshire
- Allies and Morrison offices
- Sheppard Robson offices
- Gilead, Cambridge
- Leeds University
- Cambridge University
- Oundle Sports Centre
- Pernod Ricard, London


Slatted timber suspended ceiling.
slatted ceiling detail

Typical slatted timber ceiling - Type VDU

Our vertical slatted systems can function as a decorative ceiling, or a high performance acoustic ceiling, also.

The example left shows the simplest Type VDU, and is primarily decorative and to conceal services.

Other variants include a frame behind the slats to fully conceal the rear and enclose a porous absorber.

Typical detail - Type VDU
CAD support on request.


Slatted timber acoustic wall panels.
slatted wall detail

Typical slatted timber wall - Type F

Visible fixings should not be necessary with our wall systems. Curved panels are possible as well as coverings for integrated doors, and matching skirting.

The systems either feature black crossbattens and black absorber, or the slats are mounted on a textile faced frame with various options of fleece or coloured fabrics.

Typical detail - Type F
CAD support on request.


wall installation detail

Full design support


Each project is made-to-measure and is managed by an in-house architect to ensure that every detail is carefully considered for a fully integrated and seamless end result.


When discussing acoustical requirements, you can expect the support of an experienced acoustic engineer.

contact us for support with your project.


wall installation detail

Special solutions

Occasionally the project requirements go beyond standard details and finishes.
Our varied background and experience provides us with the expertise to deliver unique solutions.

For an overview of what's possible, see our bespoke section.

Left: press conference room for a major Football club.
The space was modelled in 3D and panels all made to measure.


Q.  Are you able to provide typical details and specification guidance for your systems?

A.   Sure. Contact us and our designers can look in to your requirements.

       The slatted systems have many more options that our other timber solutions, so pleasae tell us a bit about the acoustic requirements and whether you have seen any photographs on this page which can help us understand the design intent.

Q.  What slat sizes are available?

A.   Solid timber typical:  20x45mm / 20x70mm

A.   Veneered typical:  20x70mm / 20x100mm / 37 x 150mm

A.   Custom:  We provide bespoke sizes but request that you consult us on feasibility prior to specifying.

A.   Maximum length:  2950mm

Q.  How does the design process work on a live project?

A.   - Firstly, We require all up-to-date drawings and details of any services which may affect the system.

- Next, we require site dimensions as panels are made-to-measure and we produce our own drawings for sign off from the architect.

- It can be beneficial to arrange a design meeting early on, with ourselves, the architects, main contractor and installers in attendance.

Q.  Can we achieve Class A absorption?

A.   Yes.  As a general guide, above 35% open area is required but contact us for the specifics.

Q.  How do we match finishes across the project?

A.   We can provide samples for joiners to match.
On special request and with minimum orders we coordinate between joiners and veneer supplier for very precise matching across the project. Contact us for details about this.

A.   If you already have a finish selected, contact us and we can advise on the feasibility of a suitable match.

Q.  Can you also supply ancillary parts to match the timber acoustic panels?

A.  Yes. We can offer returns, edge trims, door covers, and many other extras. You can design them yourself, too. See Bespoke section or email us for details.

Q.  How do I obtain a quotation?

A.  (When our product is clearly specified)

Assuming that our products have been specified on the project, we would require the specification, relevant drawings and BOQ.

A.   (Budget costs)
We might typically need to ask:
-   Will the slats be vertically or horizontally orientated (see 'system options' section)?
-   Have any details been developed or are there are reference images which show the design intent?
-   Is there a specific acoustic requirement?
-   If for ceilings, do the panels need to be fully demountable, or can access be localised?
-   Have you got an idea about slat size and spacing?
-   What would the quantity be?
-   Are drawings available which show the area?

Q.  What is the lead time?

A.  We first need all relevant details so that we can produce our drawings. Then typically production of 6-8 weeks after sign off.

Q.  Do minimum order quantities apply?

A.  Typically 50m2

Q.  Where as a main contractor do we buy the products from?

A.  Either from us to install yourselves, an approved installer, or through the package of your designated installers.

Q.  Are the panels demountable?

A.   We have options which are fully demountable and others which require access panels. If you know about the acoustic requirements and have seen images of the kind of system you would like to achieve, our design team can assist you from there.

Q.  How do we address light fittings and services?

A.   We have typical details which cover most situations. If not, this can be addressed during the design process.

Q.  Do you provide installation services or have recommended installers?

A.   We do not install ourselves. We can suggest approved installers or provide installation guides to your designated installers.

Q.  How are your slatted systems delivered?

A.   Almost always made to site dimensions in a panellised system with corresponding installation drawings.

Q.  How big are the panels?

A.   This varies depending on the design. We aim to keep panels below 20kg/each.

Slatted systems FAQ


Groove 24-W

The value proposition -
Groove 24-W

Not every project warrants a made-to-measure slatted system.
With Groove 24-W, we still offer a viable solution with many of the benefits.

What's more, stunning additional finish options are available such as tinted oil on veneer.

Learn more